Codeo, a major European player, offers positions that combine passion and commitment. Actively involved in the Circular economy since 2005, the expansion of the Codeo Group has been based on strong core values, which today ensures its employees with ecological and social commitment.



To keep the organisation alive and progressing with new ideas. To encourage employees to cultivate new ideas by ensuring everyone in every job role has the means and motivation to put ideas forward.


To represent the company with quality proposals, actions and responses to customers, and continually strive for excellence. To always endeavor to achieve the best possible solutions adapted to meet the needs of our customers.


To be a reliable and concrete organisation. To take responsibility for our actions by cultivating autonomy and delegation. To establish an environment of truth and transparency by respecting customer and supplier contracts in terms of promises and expectations.


To provide a working environment conducive to listening to one another and supporting a work/life balance. To nurture personal growth by integrating individual goals into projects and career paths. To show respect for the integrity of every employee. To encourage enthusiasm for, and commitment to social interaction among all employees.


Formal conferences, internal events, sporting challenges; working within the Codeo Group means embracing opportunities that present themselves. Small events and big occasions; working for one of the Codeo Group entities will provide the opportunity to share in life’s pleasures, to enrich knowledge, to celebrate small and big victories, and to simply have fun. Thanks to a participative leadership style and emphasis on the wellbeing of employees, the Codeo Group places people at the centre of the organisation.



We are committed to building employee loyalty and helping our employees develop by ensuring that their skills are enhanced on a daily basis. Thus, together we identify training needs and establish the most appropriate solutions. Employee development is our motto.


Employee involvement, combined with supportive management, access to training, and the opportunities of an international company encourage professional and/or geographical mobility accross our 5 European subsidiaries based in France, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain.


We are committed to progression and offer internships and work-study periods throughout the year in all our departments. We work in partnership with private or public higher education institutions, and we are committed to welcoming students to accompany them in their apprenticeship.


We practice a transversal and accessible management style, listening, participative, open to communication. Our management is guided by an annual road map. It is presented at the beginning of the year by each manager to their employees. Objectives are monitored throughout the year during quarterly reviews. The agility of our management guarantees the success of each employee.


We encourage our employees to be the driving force behind ideas and improvements to the way the company operates. The IAS (Improvement Action Sheet) gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the life and growth of the company. All ideas put forward are discussed monthly with the management team. The employees are at the heart of the company's evolution, they participate actively and work collectively towards its development.


Work-life balance, teleworking, premises layout, on-site services... Our employees benefit from a unique working environment. For 90% of them, this is one of the main factors that motivate them at work and that motivate them on a daily basis in their work assignments. Well-being at work has a true impact at Codeo.



Generalist professional skills are transformed and enriched with knowledge acquired in a unique international economic environment.

Idriss - Electronic Barcode Technician

Elise - Wharehouse order picker

Magdalena - Head of reception

“Being a sales representative at CODEO offers the following challenges:

  • The versatility of three jobs: Technical sales in terms of product knowledge, field sales in terms of communicating with the customer by phone, by email and by meeting, and finally procurement because at CODEO, the sales person is responsible for their own sourcing.
  • The ability to help and share: We are all interdependent. The purchases of some ensures the sourcing for others. Knowledge is shared and the aggregate performance of each person contributes to the overall performance bonuses of the whole.
  • Adaptability: Each trade-in or supply need is unique and sometimes requires a real commercial imagination to find the right answer.
  • Endurance: Small streams make big rivers. We have to be able to help our customers with even the smallest of needs, because that’s how they trust us for large projects later on.”

Aurélien, Sales Manager, Retail @ CODEO

“I am working as Account Manager for Eastern Europe. My job is to develop and maintain business relationships with new and existing customers from Eastern Europe. It requires from me aiming straight to the target, consistency, creativity, attention to details, good command of English and high sense of responsibility. I value this position very much because of everyday contact with customers, searching for and using non-standard solutions (which gives incredible satisfaction) and functioning in an international environment on a daily basis which allows improving my language skills (not only English). In addition this work allows me to perfectly understand the proverb that hard work pays off, I am experiencing this month by month!”

Michal, Account Manager for Eastern Europe @CODEO POLSKA

« Being a Product Manager at Codeo is a very exciting and enriching experience where you get to break-out from a traditional sales role and get to directly contributeto the company’s strategy and success. You do this by managing the stock, purchasing the right hardware, running marketing campaigns, helping peers on technical matters, and advising them on sales. This role requires you to be curious, patient and creative, along with having a good understanding of various stakeholders positions and good communication. »

Nicolas, Product Manager @ CODEO




« My job is to oversee the sales order process from start to finish and therefore encompasses a variety of tasks and areas of work. 

The Sales Support team at Codeo is involved in processing and following customer orders, stock checking, invoicing, credit control, analysing data, and acts as the link between various departments, liaising between the sales, logistics, technical, and finance teams. 

With Codeo’s cross-borders international structure, these teams can be in the UK, France, Poland, or Germany, and personally I particularly enjoy this aspect at Codeo.  Therefore, as well as multi-tasking, organisation, and diligence, this role requires excellent communication, cultural understanding, and other languages can come in useful! »

Amy, Sales Support Coordinator & Team Manager @ CODEO UK

“I have been in charge of the Italian and North American markets at CODEO for three years. I work in pairs with three sales people and we do our best to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience. I enter the orders and follow up on their processing and invoicing up to the moment of delivery to our customers. I interact daily with the technical, logistics and sales departments to find quick and efficient solutions when preparation problems arise.

What do I like about my job? Working in a dynamic and international environment, responding to the needs of our customers and being the point of contact among several departments.

The secret to achieving this? Being flexible, proactive and rigorous.”

Ilaria, Sales Assistant @ CODEO

“I am responsible for the management of the entire medical device fleet. This includes inventory management, management of the internal and external technicians, the management of the receptions planning and shipment of orders. I also have the task of a project manager for all installations and de-installations of heavy imaging equipment such as radio room, scanner and MRI. As part of my duties, I have a mission of communication and buffer between the sales department and the operational department (of which I am a part). I communicate on a daily basis with the sales representatives, sales assistants and technicians and ensure that the available resources are used to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The soft skills necessary for my job are, in my opinion,
communication, empathy, creativity, stress management, motivation and presence. »

Jefferson, Biomedical Manager @ CODEO MEDICAL

“The particularity of my job lies in the singularity of our activity: buying, refurbishing and selling second-hand equipment. This requires me to constantly adapt to the equipment, to develop my technical knowledge, and to be able to handle different requests according to the particularities. The little extra is that we work worldwide. I have to be meticulous about the specificities of sending to different countries and I have the possibility to exchange in different languages. What I like is our team spirit, the established communication and the possibility to propose my ideas.

What are the qualities to succeed in my job? Versatility, energy and dynamism! »

Magdalena, Logistician @ CODEO

“My job is to oversee all processes, from the reception of units, their maintenance, to shipping. I carry out repairs taking into account all quality requirements in order to guarantee customer satisfaction: I perform diagnostics, change defective parts and carry out quality controls. I am also responsible for recruiting and training my team of technicians.

The qualities to succeed? Demand, commitment, responsibility, curiosity and the desire to learn!»

Eduardo, Technical Manager @ CODEO IBERIA


“Being a technician at REMOBER means above all being versatile: I mainly work on the maintenance of our regular customers’ units (repairs, cleaning) and occasionally on audits (equipment reception, sorting, unit tests, recycling and reporting). I also have the opportunity to share my ideas to improve processes.The key word within the team is communication, which allows us to complement each other. On a daily basis, it’s the rigour, meticulousness and good humour that enable me to perform well!”

Mehdi, Technician @ REMOBER

“Our objective is to reconcile financial performance and social responsibility. Rigour and analytical ability are the key words of our service”.

Nathalie, General Accounting Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“Being the Administrative and Financial Director of the Codeo Group requires the ability to analyse a context, understand a situation and identify solutions in line with the Group’s strategy, then to monitor and correct in order to move towards financial, economic, accounting, social or legal optimisation.

Excellent interpersonal skills and good communication with operational and managerial teams as well as with external partners are necessary. Managing and anticipating are part of daily life in an international context.

It is an enriching adventure that requires organisational skills and rigour as well as stress and priority management combined with great agility, which allows you to participate in strategic decisions in a dynamic environment attached to human values”.


“Working in the Human Resources Department is all about quality recruitment. Integrating and training new employees of all nationalities in our business model to ensure their success in their new position. It also means ensuring that the Group’s values are properly transmitted to all teams, and providing for, and enabling the development of employee skills. Finally, being attentive to the needs of the company, adapting the management of the men and women who work there while respecting the differences in cultural contexts. Agility, a sense of collaboration, listening and an appetite for international relations are the main keys to success in this position.”.

Olivia , HR Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“Within the CSR department, I ensure the integration of environmental and societal concerns into the company’s strategy and the well-being of our employees. My mission is to inform and raise the awareness among our teams and customers about these issues. Communication is one of the success factors in the deployment of our CSR policy: training, newsletters, animation of a network of CSR ambassadors, organisation of events and challenges, monitoring and reporting of our CSR indicators (carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste…). Internally, I mobilize employees around meaningful projects and drivers of change. Externally, I lead a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders to enable the exchange of best practices and inform about the benefits associated with our reuse activity. In addition to having a real enthusiasm for sustainability issues, the qualities required for this position are: the ability to listen and communicate, a strong spirit of synthesis and analysis and a sense of initiative.

Céleste, CSR Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“The strength of a marketing communication manager at Codeo Group? Being at the heart of all the strategic orientations of the Group and its subsidiaries. Agile, you have to know how to adapt and function as an agency to meet the needs and business challenges of the different entities of the group. Being Swiss Army Knife, you have to know how to use direct marketing, digital, press relations and event management tools to promote the group and its entities among its ecosystem and to make the group’s values grow among our employees. Creativity is essential to know how to reinvent and innovate on a daily basis in order to develop our reputation in our existing and future markets. »

Claire, Marketing Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“I’m in charge of managing 3 departments: Communication, R&D and CSR. The main objective is the creation and management of sales support tools (communication, digital development and tools, CSR support and content).
To be successful in this position, you need to have a real “starter” temperament, be creative and able to create something from scratch to turn ideas into reality. A good sense of contact is essential for exchanging with teams and proposing appropriate responses.
It is essential to have an international culture and a good level of English to facilitate communication with all the members of the group and to be efficient.
Finally, the management of creative people requires a certain flexibility: they must be given a wide field of action so that they can express their creativity as freely as possible. »

Fabien, Marketing Director @ CODEOGROUP

“The role of the R&D Manager is to ensure that the company’s technological level is maintained and improved. He/she is constantly informed and does everything possible to propose tools and technologies that are in line with modern standards. He/she also manages the development team, which produces dedicated tools to make life easier for the teams and extend their possibilities. This same team ensures the maintenance of the technologies implemented and develops new ones, while remaining in adequacy with the opportunities related to the market or the customers”.

François, R&D Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“Within Codeogroup’s IT department, I’m in charge of the smooth running of the servers but also of supervising projects that could optimize the comfort of the employees. As well as supporting each of them in the use of their IT equipment while advising them when they need it. In this way, I am in permanent contact with the group’s employees, which allows me to acquire an international outlook and an enriching professional experience for my job!”.

Alexandre, Alternating @ CODEOGROUP

“I’m in charge of the implementation and development of the group’s new software. To do this, I have to take into account CODEO’s specificities and its international dimension.

Our core business is opportunity and we offer various services: buy-back, sales, maintenance, rental. We have therefore had to adapt our ERP to these specificities, both for the management of our stocks and the monitoring of our activity. My role is to propose a tailor-made tool to ensure a global and harmonised vision.

It is essential to take a step back, to communicate a lot and to get organised to succeed. All this, of course, with a strong team spirit! »

Coralie, Project Manager @ CODEOGROUP

“I’m in charge of Procurement and Transportation at Codeo. It’s a position that requires creativity and flexibility in order to find the best solutions to deliver our customers on time. It is also important to be sociable and determined in order to maintain good relations with our suppliers while being demanding.
Every day is different because our environment is constantly changing and requires us to keep abreast of current regulations. Finally, we communicate with all the departments within Codeo and this allows us to have a good global knowledge of how the company works”.

Cécile, Purchasing Manager @ CODEOGROUP



The Codeo Group’s recruitment process includes an integration period. We take particular attention in welcoming our new employees in order to give them all the keys to success in their mission.

The Astonishment Report made before the end of the trial period is an important method that allows us to validate the suitability of the proposed position together with the new employee, and to understand their experience of the new role.


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