Institutional conferences, internal events, sporting challenges and so much more! Life at Codeo Group would not be the same without all the moments of spirit that form our daily lives. 

Whether it’s small events or big occasions, one thing is certain, working at Codeo means having the opportunity to share moments of warmth, enriching yourself with new knowledge, celebrating small and big victories and getting together for fun.



Once or twice a year, every employee participates in a business seminar. With conferences, workshops and team building exercises, the seminars are above all opportunities to embrace all of the international teams and highlight the achievements of our Group over the past year.


We encourage our employees to get involved and support collective sports challenges. In 2018 and 2019, our teams participated in the MUDDAY and the Pandathlon organised by WWF. Congratulations to our courageous SakadosaKado, Go Panda Go and Frogsbeef teams who represented Codeo at the Pandathlon: an eco-designed orienteering race organised by WWF to raise funds for the protection of the Boreal Lynx.


Since its creation, the Group has never stopped growing and pushing its boundaries, but like in any family, although we feel like we know each other well, it is not always easy to get out of one’s workplace and understand the daily lives of colleagues. This is why Codeo launched the Job Swap, an opportunity for our employees to spend a day in the life of another colleague, to get to know other job roles and colleagues better. This helped to change pre-conceived ideas, push back barriers and thus unify our organization.


Throughout summer and winter we organise numerous events to gather employees around to enjoy time together. One thing is certain, at the Codeo Group we love spending time together. It is out of the question to skip our annual Christmas lunch which gives the whole team the opportunity to exchange small gifts and take out their most (beautiful)…. Christmas sweaters. In summer we take advantage of the sun by organising bocce ball tournaments in the Codeogarden.



Our Concept

220 days a year and 7 hours a day is the average time we spend at our workplace each year! From IT to heating, air conditioning and travel, there are many sources of waste and energy consumption in the office. Through our activities, at Codeogroup, we are already aware of the challenges linked to the overconsumption of electronic waste and it is with this in mind that we wish to involve all our employees in concrete and daily actions to change their habits and permanently reduce their impact on the environment with simple gestures, without constraint and above all, using common sense!

More than 4,760 eco-gestures have been identified, and a few easy and daily habits are enough to make a change! This is why we decided to launch GreenWeeks as a new concept of CSR for the CodeoGroup. Change can sometimes be difficult to accept so we have decided to hold a GreenWeek for 1 week every quarter in order to teach our employees about eco-gestures in a fun and challenging way (as in the Codeo tradition). This educates employees about good habits that are easy to understand and especially to adopt.

One week
to change

an ecological

a sizable challenge

a collective reward

We have thanks to our greenweeks