Created in 2016, Remober offers businesses optimized management of their mobile, smartphone and tablet units. Ranging from renewal to maintenance, Remober has very quickly established itself on a market in need of solutions concerning businesses.

Remober supports companies in the management of their mobile fleet by offering a range of tailor-made services. Today, with more than 200,000 units managed per year, Remober offers businesses simple, intuitive management adapted to all sizes of fleets and companies.



With its core activity being end-of-life management of fleets, Remober handles everything from the traceability of reformed equipment to the certified data distruction to recovery, reuse and recycling.


Remober supports companies in the management of their active fleet concerning sustainability issues: punctual repairs, maintenance contracts, alternative sourcing, additional fleet and rental.


Remober offers many services for the deployment of customers' mobile equipment: Purchase of refurbished materials, staging, MDM, on site distribution, leasing and contract provider offers …

About the manager

François Amiot

Coming from the world of traceability and sales, François Amiot is one of the founders of the Codeo Group. For 15 years, he has headed the group’s commercial division and responded to the demands of its customers to search for solutions concerning mobile fleet management and hence created Remober in 2017.


If CSR and the enthusiasm of promoting good practices are centralised at the Codeo Group level, teams of each entity have chosen to support a cause that is specific to them. Thus, Remober’s employees have chosen to support the Habitat and Humanism Federation, which helps support the integration and housing of people in precarious situations. Together, they have developed an innovative partnership around the recovery of smartphones: when leaving their fleet, Remober’s customers can choose to donate the valuation amount of their smartphones to Habitat and Humanism.

In parallel, Remober supports the association by donating refurbished smartphones to fight the digital divide and allow better access to employment. The collaborators, for their part, enthusiastically give their time to cook and spend heartfelt moments with the recipients of the housing and Humanism services who are in solidarity stopovers.

"I decided to become a CSR ambassador following my choice of graduation thesis. CSR was at the heart of my subject and I enjoyed dealing with it, which is why I decided to get involved with Remober as well. I think that if everyone sets up "eco-practices" or " eco-habits", everyone on our own scale, it would be possible to limit the harmful effects on the environment. Codeo Group has been innovative in terms of CSR and we must continue to move the lines by being a forerunner, both internally and with the key accounts we work with".
CSR Ambassador at Remober