Since 2006, the Codeo group has been striving towards a more engaged, sustainable and greener economy. Consisting of around 200 employees spread throughout 6 European countries, the group’s mission is to get circular economy recognized as an economic and ecological alternative for companies.

Codeo Group, electrical and electronic reuse specialist since 2006.

We provide concrete solutions to improve the circular economy performance of our customers. The refurbished product not only supports the digital revolution in business, but also meets the challenges of sustainable development, depletion of raw materials and social responsibility while reducing costs.

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Millions Euros in revenue

Our mission: to help companies reduce their digital footprint through reuse

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, which is focused on sober consumption and uses, companies are more than ever looking for solutions to decarbonize their digital footprint.

This context, combined with the shortage of electronic components and budgetary pressures, makes refurbished equipments an innovative solution to help companies achieve sustainable growth.


Specialists in extending the life cycle of professional electronic equipment, we give them a second useful life thanks to the maintenance, rental, purchase and sale of reconditioned equipment for various categories of products.


Our core activity enables us to reduce the environmental impacts of buying new: preserving raw materials, preserving biodiversity and reducing CO2 emissions. By purchasing refurbished equipment, our customers can also achieve up to 30 to 50% in savings.


As reuse enthusiasts, we assist companies to reduce their electronic waste. As such, we ensure that all of the units that cannot be re-used are recycled while respecting traceability and safety procedures.

To meet the challenges of sustainable business growth and Green IT, Codeo Group and three partners have created the Circular Economy Hub, the first skills centre for reuse and the social and solidarity economy based in France.


Our brands

With circular economy in our DNA, we have developed several brands in order to support our partners in the various business sectors and respond to the specificities of managing their business fleet.


The historical brand of the Codeo Group, for 15 years Codeo has been the sale, recovery, rental and maintenance of barcode equipment, collection terminals and payment terminals specialist.


Remober supports Key Accounts in the management of their mobile terminals, smartphones and tablets, with maintenance solutions, overseeing out of fleet operations and in supplying refurbished devices.

Codeo Medical

Codeo Medical supports healthcare professionals with 100% personalized solutions to upgrade their old equipment and supply them with refurbished equipment whilst keeping high quality standards.

Specialized in the online sale of computer spare parts, joined the Codeo Group in 2022.



Founded in 2003, Clarion Communication System is a British specialist in the sale of telecom and network equipment (desk phones, SIP phones, DECT phones, headsets, servers, switches, routers, wifi terminals, etc.). CCS joined the Codeo Group in 2023.

10/05/2018 Business profile portrait studio set-up for Codeo (Bristol) Ltd

Office: Bristol

Portrait: Tony Duburcq

 Since 2005, the Codeo group has been actively involved in getting refurbished products recognized as a viable, economic and ecological alternative for businesses.

Tony Duburcq

Founder Codeogroup