Our CSR commitments

With global warming, we are all becoming aware that we need to tend towards more respectful and new ways of living. Circular economy promotes sustainable production and consumption. At Codeo Group, we are proud to solve three challenges for large corporations by : - extending the lifespan of IT equipment, - reducing WEEE, - avoiding CO2 emissions, coming from new equipment production. Working with engaged partners from the Social Economy is also an important matter for us, enabling us to contribute to a more inclusive world.
Marine Bonnell
CSR Manager

Codeo Group, winner of the "CSR Auvergne rhône-alpes" trophy 2020

Codeo Group is proud to have won the “Auvergne Rhône-Alpes CSR Award” from the FORSE Association in the category of Social Innovation for:

  • The implementation of a CSR policy co-created with employees
  • Raising employee awareness of eco-friendly actions through ‘Greenweeks’
  • The deployment of a team of Green Ambassadors
  • The creation of a Green Village at the head office that combines employee well-being and respect for biodiversity.


Codeo Group provides concrete solutions to improve the circular economy performance of its customers. Refurbished products can not only support the digital revolution in business, but also meet the challenges of sustainable development, depletion of raw materials, social responsibilities, while reducing economic costs.


    Reuse reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared to the manufacturing of new equipment


    Reusing means reducing the pressure on natural resources and precious minerals.


    The recycling of electronic equipment is fundamental, so before being destroyed we can give it a new life.

T eq of CO2 avoided in 2023
Tons of re-used material in 2023



At the Codeogroup, it is the employees who are behind the implementation of a CSR policy.

Codeogroup mobilizes all of its employees around principles aimed at establishing responsible practices while respecting others, ethics, legality and the environment. In each group department, we have a CSR ambassador. Thus, on a voluntary basis, 11 employees proudly carry this new role promoting sustainable development within Codeo. They take part in :

  • Making decisions of the CSR strategies
  • Raising employee awareness of good practices and eco-friendly actions, with “Greenweeks” each quarter.
  • The development of new projects and the issuance of internal CSR ideas.

CSR Ambassadors convey these values within the group every day, and that is for all the countries in which we operate.

To learn more about the CSR actions implemented at the CodeoGroup, download and discover our Greenletters !

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GreenLetter n°5 – October 2019

In this Greenletter n°5, you will discover our Greenweek on the theme of organic, local and zero-waste food that we have organised for our employees in partnership with La Fenotte. 

GreenLetter n°6 – January 2020

Discover in this 6th edition of our Greenletters, the CSR assessment of the Year 2019, the projects to come and the presentation of our Greenweek on the theme of selective sorting, #PoubelleLaVie!

GreenLetter n°7 – May 2020

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GreenLetter n°8 – December 2020

In this Greenletter, we review all the achievements of the year 2020: Greenvillage, CSR Trophies, CSR Ambassadors…

We also look back on our last Greenweek, which brought together 160 employees around a common goal: to run >1,700 km to raise funds for two associations.

#RunForFunds by Codeogroup

GreenLetter n°9 – June 2022

In this ninth edition of our GreenLetter, we look back at our 2021 carbon footprint, and you get to meet our new CSR Ambassadors. You will also get a glimpse of our latest Greenweek: A healthy mind in a healthy body! On the agenda: sport, food, relaxation, and especially laughter!

Greenletter #10 – January 2023

Our 10th Greenletter and one we’re really proud of! Discover the inauguration of our Circular Economy Hub, our last Greenweek which was in favor of social inclusion, and all our commitments for a better circular economy!

Greenletter #11 – July 2023

Discover our 11th Greenletter, which looks back on the major CSR events of 2023! In it, you’ll find our latest CSR news: the publication of our White Paper, the 2023 CSR ambassadors, the missions around the European CSR ecosystem, and internal awareness-raising campaigns on Green IT. There’s also a special focus on our 10th Greenweek, our flagship event of June!”

Green Magazine #12 – January 2024

In this brand new version of Green Magazine, start the year 2024 with lots to discover! Through our new “Magazine” format discover our commitments, our key figures as well as CSR news at European level. It is the opportunity to look back on our carbon footprint carried out in 2023, and our last Greenweek of the year on the “Job Swap” theme : a way to illustrate CSR through different issues!