The Greentrust is the “Codeo Foundation” which represents all contributions in financial donations and time to projects supported by employees, shareholders and structures of the Codeo Group

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Codeo is part of the WWF’s Entrepreneurship for the Planet Club, a network of companies, VSEs and SMEs that wish to associate environmental protection and social progress with their economic development.

As part of this partnership, the employees have chosen to support the “FARMSOLAR” project for the development of solar energy in Madagascar through the training of grandmother engineers. Madagascar is facing one of the greatest challenges in its history: the electrification of its territory. Only 16% of households have access to electricity, a rate that falls to 4% in rural areas.


Our UK team has chosen to support the National Trust, a British Charity dedicated to preservation and promotion of monuments and historical sites. Codeo UK thus participates in the conservation of its heritage and the environment by donating time to complete various projects.

CODEO polska

In Poland, our employees have also chosen to act locally through a local Charity with whom they planted more than 2,000 trees over the course of only one day!


Remober has developed an innovative partnership with the Habitat and Humanism Federation around the solidarity buyback of smartphones. When Remober buys back their fleet, companies can choose to donate the value of their equipment to Habitat et Humanisme and thus contribute to the fight against precariousness and housing for all.

#Make buypack


Humatem donates refurbished medical equipment to international emergency NGOs. Codeo Medical supports this association by donating equipment, financial support and by providing services.